Letter: Cuba's right to worship

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From Mr Trevor Carter

Sir: Fidel Castro has never "encouraged Bible burning" as your correspondent Phil Davison states (report, 5 July). Cuba is not now, nor has it ever been, an atheist state. Rather than imposing atheism, the revolution has allowed religions to flourish. The Cuban constitution guarantees the right and freedom to worship and it is not unusual to find practising Christians in the Communist Party.

Your correspondent refers to Santeria, which is only one of three religions of African origin practised by Cubans. These are more popular than Catholicism and have, in fact, been supported by the so-called atheist government. There are university departments dedicated to the study of these religions and a well-visited House of African Culture in Havana.

Yours faithfully,

Trevor Carter

Black Liaison Officer

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

London, N7

5 July