Letter: Culture of secrecy will not change overnight

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Sir: Your front page article "Is this freedom of information?" (2 February) by implication accuses the BBC of "obfuscation and evasion" in relation to the Freedom of Information Act. This is just not true. We have so far received 200 requests for information and are responding to all but one within the legal deadlines.

The Governors are fully committed to meeting both the spirit and the letter of the Act. In doing so we want to develop a consistent policy which enables us to publish the maximum amount of information possible without, as the Act says, "prejudicing the effective conduct of public affairs". For this reason in relation to just two areas we are exercising our right to take additional time to consider fully the public interest issue in disclosure.

Some might characterise the BBC's past policy on disclosure as being to publish only under duress. I can assure you the present board intends the reverse to be the case.


Chairman, BBC

London W1