Letter : Cut the coupons

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From Mr Graham Binns

Sir: I subscribe to the Independent because it seems to me to be the best paper around - for its editorial values, provision of information and Miles Kington; not for its promotional gimmicks. I get very bored with being propositioned all the time to amass coupons so that I may buy tickets to places I never thought of going to, or win gas-guzzlers that go far too fast and cost a mint to run.

But what makes me mad as a rat is to be told to cut out a coupon and then take it to my newsagent so that I can get Sunday's paper at half- price. I'm damned if I will. Why should I have to go out in the rain to pester my newsagent (a mile away) with these miserable coupons when he has been delivering the paper to me ever since it began?

Yours faithfully,


Cleveley, Oxfordshire

25 February