Letter: Cycling on a summer holiday

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Sir: Perhaps the reason Emma Haughton and her family don't enjoy their holidays together ("Oh no! Not a holiday!", 30 July) is their chosen mode of transport?

Stick four people in a car for more than a few hours and they are bound to get sick of each other. And even if the drive is short and the holiday base is a fixed one, kids need constant entertainment. Granted, not an easy task, so here's a suggestion for Emma and family: next year go on a cycle holiday.

The scenery changes every day, the speed of travel allows you to unwind, and cycling on traffic-free trails is safe. Kids love the independence cycling gives them and they're so puffed out by the end of the day they collapse into bed, hungry for the next day of exploration.

The ever-increasing number of companies offering cycle holidays is testament to the appeal. Another big advantage? You can pig out and not put on a pound. Cycling burns off all those calorie-laden holiday goodies.


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Throckley, Tyne and Wear