Letter: Cycling through the forest

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Sir: As a cyclist and a conservationist I welcome cyclists to the beautiful Forest of Dean. Not all Forest residents share the short- sighted and parochial view expressed in your article "Cyclists ride into a storm over journey to forest" (8 September).

Whereas I support the campaign for direct cycle routes between communities, I also congratulate Forest Enterprise on the excellent work they have done to date. The cycleways help to preserve the historic railway and tramroad routes over which they are laid. They also encourage people to visit and explore the Forest and bring their children to a place where they can develop a cycling habit in comparative safety.

I hope that in time better links can be developed to the National Cycle Trail, which goes through Chepstow, thereby encouraging people to cycle to and from the Forest. I also hope that the rail companies will change their policies and allow more than two bikes per train.

Not only does the Forest economy need tourism, environmentalists throughout the Country are campaigning for more people to use bikes. Surely this is not the time to be discouraging cycling.


Coleford, Gloucestershire