Letter: Cyprus in harmony

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Sir: The letters from K. Christodoulou and Maria Charmantas (1 September) need to be answered. It is a tendency of Greek Cypriots to reflect only their own point of view. What about the thousands of Turkish Cypriot missing persons and refugees? What about the harassment and murder of thousands of Turkish Cypriots, between 1958 and 1974, by the Greek Cypriots? Turkish Cypriots were forced to flee from 103 mixed villages and gather into safe havens to escape the Greek Cypriot policy of apartheid and ethnic cleansing in Cyprus.

Turkish Cypriots wish to live in their own zone and not to mingle with the Greek Cypriots. Let no one have the illusion that they wish to go back to the Greek part of Cyprus. President Denktash is their chosen leader; he reflects their views and represents their aspirations.

The hardly 'friendly' coexistence of Greek and Turkish Cypriots living here in England is not because of their 'love of each other'. It is due to the sense of security that results from the feeling that neither one can harbour designs to dominate the other under a just and neutral third power.

Allow both communities in Cyprus equal opportunities to run their own affairs, within their own sectors, in liberty and without the fear of being dominated by the other. Stop opposing anything called 'Turkish'. Stop arming against them and intimidating them. Then you will see a peaceful Cyprus in harmony.

There cannot be co-existence if Greek Cypriot enmity and opposition to everything and anything Turkish continues.

Yours sincerely,


Consul General

Turkish Republic of

Northern Cyprus

London, SW1