Letter : Cyprus: unite or divide?

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Sir: The leading article on Cyprus (16 August) accurately portrays the plight of Cyprus for both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The UN proposal for a bi-zonal federation is not, however, the best solution.

Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots lived together in Cyprus before 1974 and the large Cypriot community in London continues to do likewise. We agree that there should be only one Cyprus for international purposes, for Greek and Turkish Cypriots alike, however the answer cannot be to offer compensation to Greek Cypriots who have lost property in the north. We support a solution which enables all refugees to return to their homes and provides for the repatriation of all Turkish colonists and a return of all Turkish troops to Turkey. The funds which would be made available for "compensation" should be channelled into the cost of repatriating the 80,000 Turkish colonists and returning the refugees to their homes.

We wholeheartedly agree with your invitation to the US to use its influence in Ankara and assist in a just solution to the Cypriot tragedy. Certainly we will not give up, however long it takes.


Lobby for Cyprus

London SE1