LETTER : Czech facts

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From Mr Jan Sliva

Sir: In your article "Red card: the Czech Republic" (Sports section, 9 October), the statement that "The Czech team rejected the accommodation offered to them by their host" is torn out of context. The accommodation offered to the Czech team by the Belarussian team managers was sub-par, with cockroaches in rooms and absolutely inadequate food. No wonder then that the Czech team rejected it and insisted on bringing their own cook with them - Wales took their own cook to Moldova too.

Even more offensive was the wanna-be-funny observation that "the Czech standard is nothing to write home about" and therefore it is highly inappropriate for Czechs to complain about Belarussian hotels.

I can only tell you that the Czech standard of living is in many ways much better than the British one, and I've lived long enough in both countries to be able to judge.

Your sincerely,

Jan Sliva

Czech Section

BBC World Service

London, WC2

14 October