Letter: D-Day: a benchmark of barbarity and intransigence

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Sir: I sat down to have my lunch with the paper in front of me and started reading the letter from Alison Veness ('Help]', 3 June). This letter gave me indigestion.

I do not know how she can put down the people who kept our country free. And, yes, some of them did die in order that we may live. She may think D-Day is a celebration: it is, but half of D-Day is remembering the people who died. I am glad that I can do the things I want to and choose the religion I want to be. I also am glad I don't have to worry about the colour of skin, eyes or hair I have. I, for one, am very grateful for all the sacrifices many people made for me.

I suggest that Ms Veness takes a trip to the Imperial War Museum and looks at the Belsen exhibition. At her age she should know better.

Yours faithfully,


Reading, Berkshire