Letter: D-Day: forget the PR, remember those who died

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Sir: I was grateful to find, this morning, an article about Aunay-sur-Odon and the terrible tragedy which engulfed that small town on 12 June 1944. As I watch the commemorations of the D-Day landings on television, I hear little mention of the effects of the Allies' bombing on the population of Normandy.

My godmother and her husband were the only survivors when their house was destroyed by the bombing; their two teenage children and seven members of their extended family were killed on that day.

I have not been to Aunay for several years and Madame Cariou, as quoted by Steve Boggan, may be right in saying that, 50 years later, 'there is no resentment for what the British did'. But had my godmother still been alive, I would have found it very difficult to tell her, 25 years ago, that I was marrying an Englishman.

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6 June