Letter: D-Day message of inhumanity

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Sir: I worked in London all through the war and remember 6 June as a day of great exhilaration mixed with almost anguished tension. Any tendency to premature jubilation, as though the war was over, was quickly modified when, 10 days later, on 16 June, we had the first doodlebugs. Doodlebug day was certainly one to be remembered. And, after the doodlebugs, came, in September, the rockets - V-1s followed by V-2s - which went on until the end of the year.

I would think it more suitable if 6 June be kept as a day of dignified remembrance of the dead, and more joyous celebrations kept for the end of it all, on VE Day, in May (for us, in England, the end of things landing on us) or VJ Day.

Yours sincerely,


Rushden, Northamptonshire