Letter: Dangers in the industrial field

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Sir: Further to A. J. P. Dalton's letter (10 May) relating to the scandal created by the asbestos industry, I would point out that the health hazards are not confined to those working in the industry or with asbestos products.

I have recently lost my husband. He died of mesothelioma, one of the cancers, untreatable and incurable, caused by exposure to asbestos. In his case, when 11 years old, he lived for five months near an asbestos factory in the Armley district of Leeds. At the inquest following his death, the coroner's verdict was of 'misadventure, due to environmental exposure to asbestos'. The pathologist's post- mortem report showed that in other respects he was still a fit man for his age.

There are, and will continue to be, many thousands of others who will develop mesothelioma. The Health and Safety Executive has no responsibility towards them - or, it seems, to anyone else.

Yours etc,


Skipton, North Yorkshire

10 May