Letter: David Mellor's resignation in the current chaos of British politics

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The Independent Online
Sir: I have taken the liberty of writing you a leading article, 'David Mellor to float indefinitely':

'Just eight days after announcing the indefinite suspension of sterling from the European exchange rate mechanism, Britain announced on Thursday evening that David Mellor had also been suspended from the . . . erm . . . Ministry of Heritage. Within hours of the announcement, the finger of blame was pointing across the channel to the Germans, who were said to have waged a whispering campaign which had contributed to the speculation preceding Mr Mellor's sudden resignation. All attempts to pin the blame on the Germans were, however, firmly rejected by the Finance Ministry in Bonn; an unidentified spokesman went on to reject suggestions that Germany's high interest rates were also to blame for the current chaos in British politics.

'Meanwhile, the British Secretary of State for Trade and Industry added to speculation over Mr Mellor's departure by announcing that he did not think there was any serious doubt that the antics attributed to the ex-Minister for Fun had triggered the market turbulence which had led to sterling being suspended from the ERM. All ministers (from both sides of the Channel) agreed that the behaviour was inappropriate for a minister and that Anglo-German relations would now improve. It is not clear whether Mr Fun's resignation will tip the scales back in favour of Britain ratifying the Maastricht treaty . . . or improve the chances of the Cabinet promptly dealing with the growing economic crisis facing Britain.'

Yours etc,


Frankfurt, Germany

23 September