Letter: Deceptive crumb of comfort for the Conservatives

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Sir: Ivor Crewe oversimplifies the situation when he claims, partially correctly, that there are two two- party systems operating in the country. In addition to the Tory/Labour contest in big towns and the Tory/Lib Dem contest in suburban and rural areas, there is a Labour/Lib Dem contest in the core cities and other disadvantaged urban areas.

Last May's council elections and subsequent council by-elections showed that in places as far apart as Liverpool, Manchester, St Helens, Sheffield and Hull, the Tory party is basically non-existent, with Liberal Democrats as the official opposition making modest but distinct gains from Labour.

In a council by-election in Liverpool last month, the Conservative candidate received a breathtaking 1.25 per cent of the vote. This was small comfort to the remaining two Tories on the council here.

This suggests to us that, where the Tories are no threat, the electorate is increasingly choosing to ditch the Labour Party in favour of a party which, in addition to being anti-Conservative, is non-conservative.

Yours sincerely,


Picton Ward

Liberal Democrats


9 May