Letter: Decision-makers are honorary men

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Sir: Maire Nic Suibhne is a classic example of a woman who finds her own voice by criticising feminism ('It started as a fight, now it is a whinge', 14 July). This irony is presumably lost on her, as is the fact that the very few women who hold public appointments do not affect the status quo because they have had to fit in with the male-

stream ideology to be successful. And no one has ever claimed that being a woman is in itself imbued with a special social and spiritual magnificence (at least I hope not).

If large numbers of real women - not just a few 'honorary men' - become decision makers and policy makers, then we will probably see the end of restrictive working practices and social strictures which force and coerce women and men into tight gender roles and gender timetables, discriminating against us all.

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University of Leicester