Letter: Decriminalise Cannabis

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We received hundreds of letters in response to our campaign, the majority supporting our action. We cannot run them all but below are a selection, representing the most commonly held views.

I AM a long-term user who now cultivates small quantities of high-grade cannabis for consumption by myself and paying friends. While I cannot say it has medical benefits I have watched vicars with eye problems, disabled old ladies and paraplegic athletes smoke. All have spoken of the benefits. What is closest to my heart, having friends who suffer from it, is the possibility of providing an aid to MS sufferers. My main concern regards the quality of hash being imported to the UK. It is cut to increase its bulk and value. Most hash in this country bears little resemblance to that in more liberated nations. I believe this hash to be dangerous but, until our country controls the importation, people will continue to use it, with who knows what long-term damage.

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