Letter: Deer hunting

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Sir: Following the ban on stag hunting with hounds on National Trust land, it appears that hunt-supporting farmers have taken drastic action in order to demonstrate the fulfilment of their own predictions, rather than manage the deer population in a responsible manner.

The behaviour of these farmers cannot be regarded as deer management and it must be seen as an isolated incident of revenge after the abolition of stag hunting with hounds. If such farmers had truly wished to reduce the deer population, they should have shot hinds and younger males, in accordance with the cull figures set by the Quantocks Deer Management Group. Deer management best practice involves the harvest of a sustainable surplus of animals, rather than the execution of large trophy kills.

As a representative body for both professional and recreational deer managers and stalkers, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation strongly condemns the behaviour of this group of people who have mistakenly drawn public attention to their misleading and irresponsible behaviour.


British Association for Shooting and Conservation

Wrexham, Clwyd