Letter: Deliver us from the shopping nightmare

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Sir: Dr Elsa Woodward (letter, 3 September) is right to suggest that car use could decrease if large food retailers were to offer a home-delivery service. For many years this has been standard practice in Israel, for example.

Another reason for car use on general shopping trips is that the car is a safe base in which to store purchases before visiting other shops. Carrying bags from shop to shop is uncomfortable. This is one reason why 'Park and Ride' schemes are not popular. Towns could address this need by encouraging or providing 'shoppers' bases' where bags could be deposited and collected later, or delivered home in one operation. Such bases could be combined with creche and cafe facilities as a place to rest before the next foray. This would be good for retailers and the environment.

Yours sincerely,


London, W12

3 October