LETTER: Denial: abuse repeated

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From Ms Marjorie Orr

Sir: Angela Lambert was given a good deal of inaccurate information on recovered memory of abuse. Many children of "False Memory Society" parents never forget, yet are still portrayed by their denying parents as victims of brainwashing therapists. Reputable studies show that forgotten sexual abuse is often recalled outside therapy, and can frequently be corroborated.

Entirely contrary to the claim of Roger Scotford, director of the British False Memory Society, that "86 per cent of confronted parents admit", child abusers are notorious and plausible liars even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Very far from being publicity seeking, the "False Memory Society" adult children have not had their stories told in a media that has given denying parents an almost free ride.

Yours faithfully,

Marjorie Orr

Accuracy About Abuse

London, NW3

10 December