Letter: Dental check-up

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Sir: Sir Kenneth Bloomfield has been commissioned to undertake a fundamental review of the dental remuneration system and to report on the options by the end of the year. This review has been readily welcomed by the profession. It is crucial to the future of dentistry in the NHS, to which both the Government and the dental profession are committed.

The present system has led directly to the current dispute (report, 11 August). The Government has taken careful note of the results of the ballots conducted by dentists' representative organisations. Both the dental profession and the Government regard the needs of patients for a good quality and readily available NHS dental service as vitally important. To deliver this, dentists and the Government must have confidence in a pay system that is obviously fair and reasonable for all.

Our joint hope is that everyone concerned with the provision of NHS dental care will help Sir Kenneth in his important work.

Yours faithfully,


Minister for Health



General Dental Services


British Dental Association

London, SW1

11 August