Letter: Deptford's burning, fiery furnace

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Sir: I am glad Nicholas Schoon ('Hellfire in the belly of a green machine', 9 May) enjoyed his visit to the new incinerator in Deptford. However, as someone who lives within a few hundred yards of this 'green machine', I find it difficult to share his enthusiasm. I can tolerate the Dantesque thunder of the furnace at night. I can just about put up with the fetid fumes that waft up and down our street. But I find it impossible to ignore the overpowering ugliness of this monstrous construction.

Mr Schoon described the 'thrill' of seeing the furnace in action. I would venture to suggest that he would be less thrilled at having to look at the thing day after day. The 330ft chimney dominates the landscape which, though never truly picturesque, stopped short of actually being unpleasant.

As residents of Hampstead harumph over the indignity of having a McDonald's on their high street, I would suggest that they, too, pay a visit to Deptford to see how urban terrorism continues to erode the quality of life for residents of south-east London.

Yours faithfully,


London, SE8

9 May

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