LETTER : Design credits

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From Mr Dominick Reyntiens

Sir: While I welcome June Osborne's letter (6 January) putting the record straight on who actually made the "Piper window" in Iffley, may I be so bold as to remove some final kinks.

My father, Patrick Reyntiens, learnt his craft from Joseph Nuttgens's father, E J. Nuttgens, the famous glass painter. In later years, my father taught the craft to David Wasley and employed both him and Joseph Nuttgens in his studio, where they frequently worked on Piper windows. The final tally on the realisation of Piper windows is: Patrick Reyntiens in the region of 50, David Wasley, three, and Joseph Nuttgens, one.

In the contract of Liverpool Cathedral, my father is credited as co-designer with John Piper.

Yours faithfully,

Dominick Reyntiens

Winchester, Hampshire