Letter: Designing the millennium

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Sir: The report (16 May) about the Millennium Exhibition and the role of the design company Imagination contained a number of inaccuracies. Imagination has worked as a consultant to the project on a series of rolling contracts. The last of these expired at the end of March, following which Imagination advised Millennium Central (the exhibition organisers) that it felt it was now appropriate for the design work to pause until Millennium Central is in position to issue specific design briefs.

It is quite wrong to suggest that there were cost overruns on any aspect of the content design. At all times Imagination has worked strictly to the project budgets set by the exhibition organisers in January of this year.

Imagination remains fully committed to the successful realisation of the Millennium Exhibition at Greenwich and has advised Millennium Central that it would be happy to respond to any future briefs.


Director, Imagination

London WC1