Letter: Development problems from Cardiff Bay to Dockland

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Sir: Your report on the proposed Cardiff Bay Barrage was disappointing: not one word about tidal generation. Maybe electricity generation would not be economic with the low tidal range available at Cardiff, coupled with the present obsession for quick commercial returns; but a larger barrage across the Severn Estuary - which has been talked about for years but which will never be built on present economic criteria - would be possible if the real costs of fossil and nuclear generation were applied in assessing tidal generation.

My most memorable experience in canvassing for last week's local elections was the widespread objection to the proposed fuel tax. If the Government were to introduce a tax for fossil fuel only, I believe that the people of this country would accept it. It would probably render schemes such as a Severn Barrage tidal generation - and even a Cardiff Bay tidal generation - a practical possibility.

Yours faithfully,



West Sussex

12 May