Letter: Devolution: a recipe for corruption

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Devolution: a recipe for

corruption a recipe for

corruptionSir: What does devolution do? At best it duplicates effort. Otherwise it provides inferior government for the devolved territory. I do not accept that different parts of the country require separate laws or policies. To claim that a resident of Llanelly is essentially distinct from one of Huddersfield is racist and wrong. Culture may differ, but the legal system should reflect uniform underlying principles.

Britain (and the rest of the free world) should reduce the level of devolution. The Scottish and Welsh offices need to be abolished. English and Scottish law must be harmonised. (Scottish law is often superior. When this is so, why cannot the remainder of the United Kingdom benefit from it?) We need a new Act of Union to guarantee equal rights to all Her Majesty's subjects and all parts of her realm. Give devolution the raspberry it deserves.


Newport, Monmouthshire