Letter: Devolution leaves England behind

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Sir: The Government's devolution proposals will give more rights and control over their lives to citizens who happen to live in Scotland than those in Wales, and those in Wales will have more than those in England. Citizens of Northern Ireland will be fourth-class citizens. Proposals for London will give Londoners preferential treatment compared with residents of our other great cities. The two areas of the UK which receive a disproportionately large share of national resources, Scotland and London, will have governments which will assist them in gaining an even greater advantage.

Tony Blair has reiterated New Labour's intention "to speak for and serve the whole nation". If he is serious in this claim, he must assure us that within the foreseeable future Wales and English regions will get the same powers as Scotland, and, critically, ensure that legislation for an elected mayor and authority for London encompasses also Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Newcastle.