LETTER: Diana: betrayed, sidelined or ... awkward?

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From Mr Robert Readman

Sir: In advising (ordering) the Prince and Princess of Wales to divorce, the Queen and her advisors have seriously underestimated the depth of support for the Princess of Wales.

The Prince of Wales has betrayed his wife from the outset of his marriage. He now seeks to cast aside a woman who is 10 times the man that he is, obtain public approval for his mistress and still ascend the throne to become "Defender of the Faith". For Prince Charles, as a divorcee, to become King, would be an act of monumental hypocrisy, not only on his part but on the part of the Archbishop who places the crown upon his head.

The Royal Establishment, in a desperate attempt to shore up its crumbling edifice, is thrashing about in a frantic effort to preserve itself. But sidelining Princess Diana will only serve to further erode the Monarchy in the eyes of the people.

If Buckingham Palace cannot recognise that Diana is the real jewel in the Crown, it does not deserve the support and respect of the country.


Robert Readman

Sandbanks, Dorset

21 December