Letter: 'Dirtiest fuel' adds insult to injured land

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Sir: So Richborough power station in Kent is to be allowed to burn the 'dirtiest fuel on earth' (report, 4 August). Forget the social and economic costs of further pit closures in Britain, that east Kent has an above-average incidence of bronchial illness, and that car importers are reconsidering the siting of their parking lots along the coast north of Sandwich due to the rapid damage to vehicle bodywork stemming from emissions (perhaps this is a cunning plan to improve the balance of trade by deterring car


On the same day, the Department of Transport announces that it is to allow heavier lorries to traverse Britain's highways, as long as drivers are equipped with a map that locates any remaining rail freight terminals.

With these cynical manoeuvres, a Government led by a Prime Minister with a vision of a green and pleasant land of cricket matches and cycling old ladies further reduces itself to a state where, by comparison, the prevarications of the England cricket selectors are seen as the rational and clear-sighted policies of a deeply informed and popular body.

Yours faithfully,


Professor of Economics

University of Kent


5 August