LETTER: Dirty war fought on British soil

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From Mr H. M. Mahdy

Sir: I would like to applaud Robert Fisk for his thorough reporting and analysis of the situation in Egypt (reports, 6 December). What troubles me, as a British citizen, is not only the barbarity of President Mubarak's regime, but that the Egyptian government is allowed to send its agents to practise their torture and shoot-to-kill tactics on British soil. The justification given is that Mr Mubarak's enemies are Islamic fundamentalists who are planning terrorist attacks.

One only needs to read Mr Fisk's coverage of the recent parliamentary elections in Egypt to know why the Egyptian environment is breeding terrorists (reports, 28 and 29 November). The members of Muslim Brotherhood (a moderate Islamic group that condemns violence) who stood for parliamentary elections were sent to jail and hard labour by a military court for the hilarious reason of "holding anti-government meetings". Well, Mr Blair, Mr Ashdown et al should be extremely lucky that Mr Mubarak does not govern Britain.

Maybe there is not much that we can do for human rights in Egypt. But at least we should let President Mubarak know what we think of his government. We should withdraw any support, moral or material, to his regime. And, definitely, we must not allow his policemen/judges/executioners to carry out their dirty war on British soil.

Yours faithfully,

H. M. Mahdy