Letter: Dispatches from the cola wars

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Sir: I read through the article on Coca-Cola and Sainsbury's cola (19 April) and it made me laugh a lot. How anybody could be so choosy about which cola they drink, I do not know. The bit that really made me chuckle was Thomas O'Neill's comment that 'if you drink Sainsbury's cola, people think 'cheap cola, cheap person'. If you drink Coke, it's credit.'

Personally, I prefer the 'Classic Cola' can design, but Ugar Tuc seems to think it's 'crap' just because it has Sainsbury's on the can. These two 15-year-olds are so narrow-minded it's untrue. I am 12 years old, and in my form at school a lot of people drink cola from Spar, Kwik Save and various other brands, and people don't disrespect them for this.

I'm sure (although not having tasted it) that the Sainsbury's cola is nearly the same as Coca-Cola, and I'm afraid, Mr O'Neill, that you don't gain 'credit' by drinking Coke, you just gain rotten teeth.

Yours faithfully,


Louth, Lincolnshire

20 April