Letter: Divided by a bypass: the Batheaston-Swainswick protest

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Sir: Your article 'Bypass opponents anger villagers in traffic trap' (21 May) begins to counterbalance the self-interested conservation-at-all-costs exhibited by the protesters encamped on the lower slopes of Solsbury Hill. This campaign, orchestrated by two householders near the route of the roads, Jonathan Dimbleby and Bel Mooney, has suppressed the balanced environmentalist arguments aired over the past 50 years.

Mr Dimbleby will be walking the route of the bypass on Sunday to show his neighbours the destruction the road will cause. On Monday I shall be walking the route of the present A4. I shall have to step into doorways to avoid the traffic and shall find it difficult to breathe from the fumes. If I brush against the walls of the listed buildings, my clothes will be soiled by the filth which these Nimbys wish to keep in Batheaston. I bet Mr Dimbleby won't be walking that route.





21 May