Letter: Doctors not forgiven

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Sir: As the mother of Matthew Rundle, one of the children involved in the General Medical Council inquiry into heart operations at Bristol Royal Infirmary, I was extremely upset by the headline in The Independent, "My son died, but I forgive the surgeon" (30 May).

At the time Matthew was operated on I was very grateful to James Wisheart and staff for providing what I then thought was the best possible care. But there is no way that I can I forgive Mr Wisheart or the hospital as I now know that I was misled about Matthew's chances of survival and the care that he was given.

I feel angry and cheated, as I shall never know if my son would have survived had he attended a different hospital, with more expertise. I can never "forgive" anyone for taking away my son and my peace of mind. I fully support the Bristol Heart Children Group's demand for a public inquiry


Tintagel, Cornwall