Letter: Does HRT give women an unfair advantage?

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Sir: After reading yet another glowing tribute to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), this time by a famous author and member of the literati ('Fay Weldon, a sexy rich granny having fun', 2 February), I paused for thought. Ms Weldon is only two years younger than I am. I am considered reasonably fit and active but what feats might I have achieved had I had regular doses of HRT? Is this fair? I rarely visit my doctor, but should I go along and ask for a shot?

What about the recent rash of lady novelists writing their first best-selling blockbusters at 60- plus? We are often told how difficult it is for a woman to get to the top in business or industry. But suppose a woman taking HRT wins a place on the board from a man competing for the same post? Athletes have been banned from international competitions for taking drugs prescribed for asthma. Should HRT be registered as a banned substance? There's scope for some research here]

Yours faithfully,


Weston Turville,


2 February