Letter: Does John Hall deserve to be called Mr Newcastle?

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As A naturalised Geordie who has lived in this area for most of his life I feel I must try and put the record straight concerning John Hall.

We did wonder what he had done to get the knighthood, and still do. It was certainly not for "helping to regenerate the city". This was done long before he came on the scene. He did build the Metro Centre shopping complex, which was, no doubt, a "nice little earner", but this is on the Team Valley in Gateshead. All he has done in Newcastle is buy the football club and, at great inconvenience to the general public over a lengthy period, build two new stands, both of which are eyesores and architectural monstrosities. Now he wants to encroach upon what is left of Newcastle's green belt with grandiose plans for an ice rink and a sports stadium.

To call him "Mr Newcastle"is an insult to this once proud city. If John Hall wants to take his football club to Gateshead then he is quite welcome to do so. Newcastle will be a much more peaceful place during the endless football season.

W Horsman

Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne