Letter: Dog control essential

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Sir: Any attack by a dog on a human being, particularly a child, is nothing less than tragic (report, 22 November). However, the problem giving rise to this tragedy is complex, involving the education of dog owners, the need for control of dog ownership in some way, and numerous other factors. There is clearly a problem that the Government needs to tackle as a matter of urgency.

Lord Houghton of Sowerby has proposed the setting up of an advisory body of experts in all matters relating to dogs, which would address the difficult problems highlighted by such attacks. The RSPCA fully supports Lord Houghton's initiative.

It is imperative that every owner realises that they are responsible for their dog at all times. In particular, large dogs must never be allowed out at any time except under the total control of an adult.

Yours faithfully,


Director General


Horsham, West Sussex