Letter: Dog to foodies: don't eat me]

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Sir: Imagine my surprise at seeing myself on your Comment page describe as 'potential lunch', in the caption to a photograph accompanying Jane Jakeman's article 'You've heard of dog eat dog? Well . . .' (19 September).

Ahem] Ms Jakeman may well believe that Britain's voracious 'foodies' will soon be eating dogs, and she may postulate that we will soon hear foodies purring about their 'saddle of terrier in black bean sauce'. I happen to be a terrier. A Manchester terrier. And my owner happens to be a 'foodie'.

I ask you to return your gaze to the offending photograph, and to compare my haunches to those of my owner. Now, I ask you, which would feed the village?

Yours etc,


London, W10

19 September