Letter: Dome of discord

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IF DISNEY had been briefed to come up with a UK Millennium fantasy theme park would the result have been significantly different from that revealed on Tuesday?

It would be life packaged as entertainment, a rock'n'roll reality. When real life gets you down - public transport run by pirates, hospitals run down by accountants and schools not run at all - have a day out. It would probably have been described as bold, beautiful and inspiring, embodying "the spirit of confidence and adventure in Britain" and, naturally, we wouldn't have believed a word of it. But this is a national event, so not being a believer is ignoble, unpatriotic and nihilistic.

This is a slick commercial entertainment product. We're not involved. Where are the sports events bringing in competitors and spectators from all over the country? Where are the design, engineering, science and arts projects bringing industry, schools, colleges, clubs and individuals together? Why are we not participants rather than just customers?



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