Letter: Donations guarantee Bosnian projects

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Sir: We would like to express our gratitude for the help you have given War Child as a result of your appeal for organisations working in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The donations received to date are a wonderful boost for our work and make a big difference to what we are able to do over there.

We run a mobile bakery in the Medjugorje region which is helping to feed the refugees over a wide area, and we are discussing the possibility of placing a second bakery in the region. We also use our trucks to ferry aid into central Bosnia, and the recent attack on one of our convoys means that we are desperately seeking funds to replace the damaged vehicles. You have helped us with this task. We are also hoping to send a group of musicians into Sarajevo to stage a small concert and music sessions as part of our therapy programme.

A War Child representative returned from the city yesterday with Bosnian government approval for the project which the UNHCR had made a condition for its support for the project (in terms of facilities to enter Sarajevo). Again, your funding will help here.

We are proud to have received notification from Split Hospital that our recent delivery of drugs to them was the largest single consignment they have received and that 75 per cent of these were immediately put to use in front-line areas.

There are mountains of aid sitting in places such as Split ready to be moved into the areas of need. We now have the facilities and personnel to carry out this task so long as we have the finances. So our grateful thanks for your help and for being the only newspaper to campaign so strongly for the victims of the war over there.

Kind regards,


Director, War Child

London, NW1

4 January