Letter: Don't blame us Pagans for vandalism in church

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Sir: I was surprised at the tone of your report "Pagan worship suspected in church", (16 April). Paganism is not anti-Christian or against any other religion. We tend to worship in woods and other places close to nature rather than buildings.

My sympathy is extended to the vicar and his congregation at Crowborough for this desecration of their sacred place. I can only conjecture who might be responsible - Satanists are a possibility, and are an anti-Christian cult. (We cannot worship the Devil since he is part of a Christian mythos that we do not follow.) Alternatively, it could be bad old-fashioned vandalism. Either way, it is unlikely that Pagans would be breaking one of our three most cherished principles - "and it harm none".


Pagan Federation National Spokesperson

London WC1