Letter: Don't do the dirty on orimulsion

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The Independent Online
Sir: It is disconcerting to see the Independent emphasising the absurdly fallacious description of orimulsion as 'the world's dirtiest fuel'. Nicholas Schoon's partial report ('Black looks over a burning issue', 19 October) seriously conflicts with the reality that the two British power stations actually burning orimulsion are among the cleanest in the country for the local communities in which they operate.

A catalogue of well-publicised information, based on detailed research work, shows the 'dirty fuel' label, invented by critics, to be unfounded. It is time to bury the myth.

Orimulsion is a natural bitumen-in-water emulsion which has environmental advantages over other solid and liquid fuels. All present and proposed uses comply in every respect with current health, safety and environmental legislation. If any changes are to be made in regulations relating to emissions, these will, presumably, apply to all fuels. There can be no justification for discriminatory action against one energy resource.

On a level playing field of regulations for all fuels, I am confident that orimulsion - which my company markets in Europe - will continue to be a highly competitive fuel for the economic, safe and environmentally acceptable generation of electricity in the UK.

Yours faithfully,


Commercial Director


London, W6

20 October