Letter: Don't forget the other 'cadets'

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Letter: Don't forget the other 'cadets'

Sir: I have the greatest respect for the military cadet organisations but I am concerned that they could be singled out by government for expansion ("Plan to raise school cadets", 23 January). The strength of the youth service is its diversity. Organisations such as the Boys' Brigade, Scouts, Guides and many others, all staffed by volunteers, offer all the opportunities, except weapon training, expected from the cadet units.

I read that the MoD already contributes pounds 70m a year for cadet units for a membership of 130,000, whereas my organisation of 100,000 received around pounds 50,000 from government sources. Some of our units face massive rises in fees for the use of school premises and many have been virtually priced off playing fields.

Anything government can do to encourage and support membership of youth organisations is very welcome but I would hope it would not neglect what is already there.


Secretary, The Boys' Brigade

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire