Letter: Don't plug racism

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Sir: We represent over 250 union members in the Export Credit Guarantee Department on the Isle of Dogs. It is a racially mixed office.

Over three years ago, the British National Party had their candidate, Derek Beackon, elected as a councillor for the Isle of Dogs. The increase of racist literature, stickers and graffiti was paralleled by a 200 per cent increase in racist attacks in the area. Some of our members were victims of these attacks and racial abuse. The rest of our black and Asian members feared the journey from the office to the bus stop or station until the campaign led by the Anti-Nazi League to boot Beackon out was successful in May 1994.

Now with the general election a week away, our members are horrified at the prospect of the British National Party broadcasting to millions across the country this Friday. John Tyndall, the BNP leader, is standing in the Poplar/Canning Town constituency - and already more racist stickers have returned to the Isle of Dogs.

The broadcasters can help to stop them - pull the plug on Friday.


CPSA Branch Assistant Secretary


Trades Union Side

Equal Opportunities Officer

London E14