Letter: Don't vote - take action

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Sir: April Fool! I hope you see the funny side ("Swampy joins political race", 1 April). I have no intention of standing for any election. It is as much a farce as politics in general is a farce.

There are several points to doing this. First to bring forward the issues involved; to offer solutions to the growing problem of pollution from roads and air traffic. I hope that the present political parties will take on board our manifesto and rethink their own policies.

Lastly I would like to point out that direct action is far more important than voting. All the main parties are pretty much the same. Most politicians have vested interests in road-building companies, car manufacturers or airports. People should take a stand to make a change.

If you must register your vote, write "none of the above" on your voting paper, so people know how many people are fed up with being trampled upon by politicians and more importantly, the large multi-national companies who pull the strings.


Manchester Airport Second Runway,