LETTER : Doorstep lore

From Mr Karel Schuck

Sir: Has Professor R. A. Burchell (letter, 7 October) never heard of the friendly neighbour who makes sure during one's absence that mail or other articles left on the doorstep and mail visible on the mat through a glass door are removed out of sight?

In our close, there is always somebody taking care of a neighbour's mail, etc, and no burglaries so far. One cannot, surely, blame BT for one's own folly.

Yours very sincerely,

Karel Schuck

Redhill, Surrey

8 October

From Mr C. Izzard

Sir: I was sorry to hear of the recent burglary in London N1, a directory possibly providing a clue to the occupant being out of the house. As a responsible directory distributor of the same-edition directory in London NW6, let me assure all your readers that all distributors have strict instructions not to "doorstep deliver".

I trust the professor contacted British Telecom to complain. BT, in turn, would responsibly follow the chain down through its contracted-out distributors.

Yours faithfully,

C. Izzard

London, NW9

7 October