Letter: Double standards over Israel

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The Independent Online
BRAVO, and congratulations for the coverage of the Hebron massacre, and to Robert Fisk for his excellent and courageous article.

It is high time that the double standard of reporting on the confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians was exposed. We have too long been subjected to the doublespeak of emotive and coloured language in the reporting from this area which has sought to bend public opinion in favour of the Israelis over the Palestinians.

When, may I ask, will you begin to show the same courage and integrity in your coverage of the carnage in former Yugoslavia, most especially in


I have documentary evidence of the vicious slaughter of innocent Serbian peasants and villagers, not by shelling or military battle, in which they would have had the right of

defence, but in sub-human,

barbaric ways by being captured and slaughtered by their Bos-

nian Muslim neighbours and mujahedin.

There were at least 1,500 such killings in the area called Podrinja, villages and farms around Bratunac, Srebrenica and Skelani.

I have lists of the names of the slaughtered and of their murderers. Yet you have never once reported their suffering. Your correspondents obviously cannot be everywhere at once. You have, however, fed us as witnessed truth, reports based on hearsay and second- or third-hand evidence against the Serbs.

When are you going to stop your biased coverage? When are you going to stop your own doublespeak about the tri-

partite conflict in Bosnia- Herzegovina?

Barbara Mastrud