Letter: Double trouble

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JUDITH JUDD's report (12 July) on the funding crisis in state schools in general and Wyborne Primary in particular, highlights the creeping backdoor privatisation of the service. The headline 'Parents pay for teachers' should read 'Parents pay twice', as they have already paid via their taxes.

What price Government rhetoric about 'standards' and 'choice' now that the election is over? Eric Forth, schools minister, employs the time-honoured dodge of the politician by attempting to shift the blame on to school governors and of course the old scapegoat, local education authorities.

Let us not be distracted - teachers, governors and parents must become partners in the fight for a better education for our children. The Government has promised us better schools, and more choice, diversity and empowerment. Let's force them to keep their promises.

Rod Mackenzie

Rolle Faculty of Education

The University of Plymouth