Letter: Dounreay left in the dark

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I READ Geoffrey Lean's article on the rundown of Dounreay with sadness but no surprise ('An expensive nuclear dream sinks into the sea', 27 March).

I am a lifelong opponent of nuclear energy, but I feel some sympathy with the 1950s scientists who believed nuclear power could solve the world's energy problems - even if, as the article shows, they had lingering doubts about its safety.

I feel no sympathy, however, for those in the Atomic Energy Authority and the Government who have allowed the abandonment of Dounreay's programme of research into renewable energy.

Dounreay could have a secure post-nuclear future if those in charge had any vision. As it is the people of Caithness are liable to be left only with memories.

Eleanor Scott

Scottish Green Party

Delny, by Invergordon