LETTER: Dr Carey's commitment to proclaiming the Gospel

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Sir: Andrew Brown, has made basic mistakes about the spread of Anglicanism and the role of the Archbishop.

Travelling in the bush country of Sudan, thousands of Anglicans lined the way to catch a glimpse of a leader who, for them, represented a global family. Archbishop Carey, much to the delight of Anglicans around the world, represents "us" - the extended, caring interdependent Anglican world.

The role that the Archbishop played in the traumatic situation in Rwanda is quite remarkable. His visit last May to the Episcopal Church in that country of widows and orphans demonstrated that the Anglican family cares about them, their nation and their church. As Anglicans, we join forces with others who show concern for God's world and all of God's people. Archbishop Carey is also a recognised ecumenical leader, and as such works to promote Christian unity. This was evident on his visit to China.

Needless to say, the troops in Bosnia, whether Anglican or not, whether Christian or not, showed appreciation for the Archbishop's presence with them just before Christmas.

As one who has the privilege to work and travel with the Archbishop in Anglican Communion affairs, let me assure you that we have in this Archbishop a person who has a prophetic voice and a compassionate heart.

Canon John I Peterson

Secretary General

The Anglican Communion

London SE1