Letter: Dr Who touched by Midas

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Dr Who touched

by Midas

Sir: When the American production group was asked to film Doctor Who they probably were at a loss as to who this peculiarly arcane English eccentricity was. To remedy this they, probably, half-heartedly watched a few episodes to give them an inkling of the plot. As I sat through the feature length episode ("Dr Who has been exterminated", 29 May), I had to ask myself the very same question.

Once again the Americans have used their Midas touch on an original, inventive British masterpiece and created an over-the-top Batmanesque, nightmare. "Bring back the cardboard Daleks and Cybermen or we'll sanction Disney films" should be the threat of the Heritage Ministry. Yes. Let's form a "Doctor Who War Cabinet" before it is too late.

Why, at a time like this, the British government should regard Europe as an enemy of our interests remains a mystery to me.



"Dalek Appreciation Society"