Letter: Drop the futile 'war on drugs'

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Sir: Once again we hear of starving refugees. Once again the world's governments and the UN ignore a vital food supply - easy to grow, two to three crops a year, grows almost anywhere, no pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

For thousands of years much of the human race survived from cannabis seed, using it to make gruel and bread. Today the plant is banned almost everywhere, seemingly because those in power do not want people to get high. The many medicinal uses of cannabis are similarly ignored.

Surely the "high" of cannabis is not the real reason, considering that dangerous and addictive alcohol is legal. Could it be pressures from the companies which make ineffective synthetic drugs, pesticides and fertilisers, diesel and plastics? Hemp grown for fabric (the word "'canvas" comes from the Dutch word for hemp), paper, fuel, oil, paints, and medicines, is cheaper, better and with no pollution.

More reasons to vote for a Legalise Cannabis candidate in the election.


Chairman, Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association